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Trade & Business

Committed to providing reliable, efficient and commercially viable port services and facilities for our customers.

We strive to satisfy our customers' expectations by providing value-for-money services, efficiently and promptly. Containers and break-bulk cargoes such as motor vehicles and scrap metal are handled in the Fremantle Inner Harbour. Fremantle Ports & Kwinana Bulk Terminal and Kwinana Bulk Jetty facilities in the Outer Harbour cater for bulk trades.

Fremantle Ports works to continually improve port services, with promotion of enhanced efficiency. We work closely with port customers, importers and exporters to ensure that the Port of Fremantle continues to be on of Australia & most reliable and efficient ports.

  • Trade & Business
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Ship and Cargo Charges

Fremantle Ports applies a range of rates and charges to the variety of services it offers for customers, businesses and organisations.
Ship and Cargo Charges from 1 July 2018


Request for Tenders, Expressions of Interest, Request for Proposals and Request for Quotations for goods, works and services are advertised on the Tenderlink portal. Login here: 

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Leasing Opportunities

Fremantle Ports is responsible for 220 hectares of land and 383 square kilometres of water. Fremantle Inner Harbour land includes Victoria Quay, North Quay and the Rous Head Industrial Park. Outer Harbour land holdings include the Kwinana Bulk Terminal and land adjacent to the Kwinana Bulk Jetty. A significant proportion of port land is leased to parties involved in port operations. To inquire about property leasing and development, contact Fremantle Ports’ Property Branch.

  • Property Branch
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Cargo inquiries FAQs

How do I import/export cargo (eg. ship a car from overseas, move household goods, import goods for my small business, etc.)? Collapse and expand this accordion

How do I find a customs broker or freight forwarder in Australia? Collapse and expand this accordion

I've shipped goods from overseas to Fremantle. How can I find out whether they have arrived? Collapse and expand this accordion

The ship has arrived with my goods in a container. How do I pick them up/get them off the wharf? Collapse and expand this accordion

Customs - how much will I have to pay on the goods I've imported? Collapse and expand this accordion

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